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In the world of competitiveness and multiple choices available, AFM Congo leads the ways towards rebuilding the business landscape in the country. Hence, Afri-Mahs Congo Sarl is brand oriented company. The essence of our strategy is to nurture the brands conscience among the consumers, and strive to focus the company′s commitment and resources on building, developing and nurturing brands, a platform for a sustainable competitive strategy.

It is not just goods “Distribution Company”, old style, but it is a model of a brand‐oriented company using the concepts of product, trademark, corporate name, corporate identity, positioning, target group and brand vision.

The management role is to harmonize and coordinate these concepts with a long term vision that creates valuable brand loyalty among population.

Consumer loyalty and fidelity is not a hazard event, it is the result of the hardship work, that leads the end consumer to believe in the brand, because of its quality, and add value that worth the money spend on it.

Our products


Cooking oil



Our variety of cooking oil that offer AFRI-MAHS are the main types namely, sunflower, soyabean, and palm oil. Cooking oil, comes under the brands name of Morganite, Emerald and Topaz.

Packing: 25 letter Jerrycans, 5 letter Jerrycans, 1 letter PET


Dairy Product



Wiam Instant/Creamy Full Cream Milk Powder

Wiam Sweetened Condensed & Evaporated Milk

Our dairy product is made from the best dairy farms and provides the high nutrition. It’s exactly what the family prefer. AFRI MAHS dairy products are produced following the latest dairy technology that maintain the nutritional value of the fresh milk like still in the farm.

  • Milk powder (25 kg bags, tin can: 2.5 kg, 900 gm, 400 gm)
  • Condensed Milk (tin cans: 1 kg, 390g)
  • Evaporated milk (tin can: 400 gm)


Detergent Powder



Our detergent powder Beryl cleans effectively yet gently, and leaves clothes noticeably softer. It’s gentle on the hands, colours and clothes leaving them looking shining and appealing.

Packing: 30g tin can




ricetopaz rice

We distribute our rice under two companionable brands Morganite and Emerald. Our rice is mainly white long grain rice, with various origin especially from Thailand, Vietnams and Pakistan.

Packed in 5 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg


Energy Drink



You want to fuel your energy tank, and feel good, thrilled, animated, full of power, able to finish your day in the same way when you started. You can. Branco our new product of energy drink is the right product that gives you all the above and more.

Afrimahs Congo distribute Branco in 250 ml tin can. It’s made under the strict rule of food sanitation and following the top quality of manufacturing process.
Branco is standard for the new way of life in DRC.

Packed in 250 ml


Spaghetti: Tanza



Spagetti Tanza carries an unconditional satisfaction. It values the different budget and value the taste of a family meal around Italian delight.

Tanza spaghetti comes in two packing: 250 g and 500 g


Tomato paste


tomato paste

Our product from tomato paste it’s choice from best fruit of tomato in China and it was addressed in the best Chinese factories, according to the best health standards to be a consumer in the normal tomato paste as a grain of fresh fruits affordable.

Packing: 100 g tin can





Soocoozy is popular name in each DRC household, our diaper or nappy is model of quality and popularity in the same time. Our baby diapers follow the motto of “cloth diapering is flexible and easy” because Soocoozy is specially designed for a perfect comfort, high protection and magnificent absorption that keeps baby skin dry and natural.

Available from babyhood to potty time

Size Length*width(mm) Baby weight(kg)
S 380*280 3-7
M 490*320 6-11
L 380*280 9-14
XL 530*320 14